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The Clear Focus Podcast - Episode 3 - I'm back for a "Walk & Talk"

Well, this turned into a bit of a pointless waffle about not a lot. If you make it to the end then wow thank you!

Thinking back to when I decided to make this podcast and the reasons behind it, I think it just about ticks the box. I spent a few weeks in hospital and much of the time in a bed and in a room with no windows. During this time I listened to several walk-and-talk podcasts and they really helped me fight off the cabin fever. If I can help somebody in the same situation escape to the countryside then I will be a happy man.

I didn’t do a great job of explaining the history of the Battle of Britain house. I had a bit of a mental blank. I'll get better at this, I promise.

For some more expert knowledge on the site visit:

Here are some pictures I’ve taken at the location, the first 3 images show the steps I talk about.

Intro music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!):

License code: WW0ZUSLY0X5UUYOM

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