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“It was that day I became hooked on making images.”

I still remember the first time I picked up a camera, my father's Zenit EM SLR. I must have only been 10 years old and on our family holiday in Devon. I remember the smell of the camera as I removed it from its leather case and of the dry summer grass as I scrambled around trying to grab a shot of butterflies warming themselves under the early morning summer sun. It was that day I became hooked on making images.

“It's about freezing moments in people's lives.”

Initially, I enjoyed photographing landscapes and nature. However, it was photographing people that really inspired me. For me, being a photographer is so much more than taking pictures, it's about freezing moments in people's lives. Those moments to be remembered and become a part of not only your story but your families story for generations to come.

“Images that tell your story.”

What fascinates me about the people I photograph is that they all have unique stories. My goal when working with clients whether it be a wedding, christening, engagement or a family photoshoot is to tell the current chapter of their story. I encourage genuine interaction, I feel this is when real emotions happen, be it smiles, laughter, or tears. Images that really tell your story.


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